Piano Lessons at Kawai Piano Gallery

The Private Lesson Program at the Kawai School of Music (KSM) is a small and selective music program serving Houston and surrounding areas. It offers weekly not-for-credit one-on-one individual piano lessons taught by professional instructors. KSM supplements the private lesson experience with other musical opportunities such as group music theory classes, group lessons and recitals. Our environment is small, yet personalized – catering to exceptionally gifted students and educating them in the art of traditional classical music performance. Admitted students have access to the Kawai School of Music’s top-notch concert hall and many inspiring musical activities.

The minimum age requirement for private lessons is age five. All instruction takes place exclusively at the Kawai Piano Gallery.

For more information about the Kawai School of Music, contact us at 713-904-0001 or visit us at 5800 Richmond Avenue, Houston, TX 77057.

Lessons For All Ages and All Stages
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