Piano Rentals from Kawai Piano Gallery Houston

Kawai Piano Gallery is pleased to provide flexible piano rental programs to meet your long or short term needs.

Concerts and Special Occasions
Kawai Piano Gallery rents acoustic and digital pianos for any event or occasion. Our rental selection ranges from 9-foot Concert Grand Pianos to our 6’1” Crystal Grand Piano to grand, upright or digital pianos in any size. We provide one-day or multi-day rentals for concerts, recitals, weddings, private parties or corporate events. The cost of tuning and delivery are included in the listed prices below.

Month-to-Month Rentals
We also rent pianos on a month-to-month basis. With a monthly payment as low as $49, you can have a quality Kawai piano delivered to your home, studio or performance space. Up to six months of rent payments can be applied toward purchase of the piano. This gives your family time to make decisions about the piano’s usage and its suitability for the intended players.

An Excellent Selection
We keep all our rental pianos in excellent condition. Please visit our beautiful new store to see and play our fine selection of grand and upright pianos available for rental.

Kawai K-300 48" Professional Upright Piano Kawai K-500 51" Professional Upright Piano Kawai 5'2" GL-20 Baby Grand Piano Kawai 5'5" GL-30 Snow White Classic Grand

Space Shigeru Kawai 5'11" SK-2 Shigeru Kawai 6'2" SK-3 Shigeru Kawai 7'0" SK-6 Space

Kawai Grand Pianos Kawai Digital Pianos Kawai Digital Pianos Kawai Upright Pianos Kawai Upright Pianos Kawai Hybrid Pianos
Grand Pianos Digital Pianos Upright Pianos Hybrid Pianos