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Kawai School of Music Jazz Summer Camp - REGISTRATION CLOSED!
Kawai School of Music Summer Jazz Camp

Intro to Jazz Piano for Classical Pianists

A brief, yet comprehensive introduction to the world of jazz piano--specifically geared to classical pianists. This camp
will be hands-on, fun, and extremely educational. All questions will be answered, and all topics demonstrated allowing
the students to have an “over-the-shoulder” view of jazz piano!

Topics Covered

  • A brief history of jazz piano, with listening examples from some of the most influential artists; listening list will be provided

  • Relationship between classical and jazz

  • Roles, functions, and styles a jazz pianist must master (solo piano, duo context, trio with bass and drums, larger ensembles

  • Introduction to common chord progressions, basic chord vocings, harmonizing a melody from a lead sheet

  • Introduction to improvisation
Sessions will consist of a mix of discussion of the topics, all demonstrated by Gary, with lots of hands-on interaction
with the students. Lots of Q & A.

Gary Norian
Profession Pianist, Composer, Arranger and Teacher

Knowledge and fluency of major scales, some basic harmony (major, minor triads), an open mind!

Kawai Piano Gallery • 5800 Richmond Avenue • Houston

June 18 - 22 • 9:45AM - 11:45AM

Fee: $300.00


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